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Espelette Pepper

Our range of products is currently composed of products primarily made with PDO Espelette pepper (Protected Designation of Origin). Indeed, at first we present products like PDO Espelette chilli powder used and honored by our French chefs and the diversification of products to decorate your daily dishes such as Espelette Pepper Jelly, mashed espelette peppers, etc…

Gaec Segida

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Producers of PDO Espelette pepper since 1998 in Ainhoa, GAEC Segida is a small company composed of a team with complementary skills; Indeed, Sebastian, manages production and processing, Laurent is responsible for product quality and marketing and Laurence, ensures the traceability and the sales department, we put our skills and our knowledge in place to provide exceptional products and services adapted to our customers needs.

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Our PDO Espelette Pepper, a spice with character

Lovers of our land and our heritage, we the GAEC Segida are specialized in the production of PDO Espelette pepper since 1998. Indeed, our passion for agricultural products, we decided to produce this famous spice, the Espelette Pepper to maintain and promote the family farm in AINHOA.

Many times winner at the International Exhibition of Agriculture, PDO Espelette pepper is our flagship product. It is the result of our expertise and our commitment to quality throughout the various stages of production. Added to this are the motivation and support of our work teams.

Used a few years as a spice for curing hams in our region, the Espelette chilli powder (only spice in France benefiting from the PDO), perfumes and identify the dishes of your everyday cooking by bringing aromas fruit, ripe tomatoes or peppers and mild and spicy long finish in your mouth. In addition, the Espelette pepper having a power powerful dye, can give a colorful touch to your meals.

On the other hand, the Espelette pepper can also be broken down into products like Espelette chili paste, the Espelette pepper jelly, mustard with Espelette pepper, salt Espelette pepper and other seasonings.
Thus, we invite you to discover our production and our passion for this exceptional spice that puts originality to our cooking.
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Only the chili stamped with this logo is the real PDO Espelette pepper


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