Segida Piment d'Espelette

Espelette Pepper Derivative Products

Mashed Espelette Pepper

Mashed Espelette Pepper

Ingredients: Espelette pepper flesh, garlic, vinegar, salt
Net Weight: 100g
Shelf life: 24 months

Storage: Refrigerate after opening

Use: The Mashed Espelette pepper is a condiment consisting primarily of fresh chili pepper meat; it can be used as Mashed Harissa to flavor dishes of white meat in sauce, a dish of couscous, etc…

Can packaging 1000g or 4000g metal box.

Espelette pepper jelly

Espelette pepper jelly

Ingredients: Espelette chilli juice, sugar, pectin, without dye and thickener.
Net Weight: 100g
Shelf life: 36 months

Conservation: in the refrigerator after opening

Usage: Pepper jelly Espelette can accompany a character cheese (cheese Ossau-Iraty ewe), can also give a sweet note and raised to foie gras, prawns to the wok. It is perfect for sweet and savory dishes.

Available such as 800g jar.

Salt Espelette pepper

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