Segida Piment d'Espelette


Nestled in Ainhoa, in the heart of the Basque Country, in one of the most beautiful villages in France, we, the GAEC Segida, are producer of PDO Espelette Pepper since 1998; Indeed, we manage the production cycle, from the seed (espelette pepper seed) to final product: the PDO Espelette chili powder. Heirs to a family tradition, since 1998 we have love and passion for working the land; indeed, anxious to preserve the family farm and wanting to be part of a quality approach at your service, we produce the Espelette pepper certified by an Protected Designation of Origin (PDO, only spice labeled in France), in compliance with old traditions. We grow Espelette Pepper in monoculture, totaling 3.5 ha on plots approved by the National Institute of Protected Designation of Origin (village part of the appellation area PDO); we transform, market are condition our operations. This platform includes greenhouses transformation of a 1200m² surface provided for the pre-drying of PDO Espelette pepper and processing workshop, packing and shipping the finished product, within the rules of the specification for the PDO Pepper Espelette and meet the quality requirements of our customers.

In addition, the organization of our company allows us to offer a service tailored to your needs, thanks to the complementary skills of our team members.

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