Segida Piment d'Espelette

Our Mindset

We are a young and dynamic team, loving our land and our products, wanting to share the products of our land. Indeed, the Espelette pepper, having a high quality taste and aromatic, and a moderate specific pungent to our region, we would like, through our expertise and professionalism, to make you use it in your everyday cooking.

As part of our quality approach, in addition to the specification of the PDO, we have established a specific manufacturing process in our operations, allowing us to control the quality of the product throughout the production cycle. We perform in addition, a systematic microbiological analysis for each jar of product chili powder powder and a mycotoxin analysis and phytosanitary residues annually on a jar.

With our dynamism and our quality commitment, our PDO Espelette pepper, gets for the second consecutive year a silver medal in open competition in the framework of the International Exhibition of Agriculture 2015, preceded by a gold medal in 2012. These awards give us a new impetus to the future and motivate us to expand our efforts to provide an exceptionally high quality chili pepper product.

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