Segida Piment d'Espelette

PDO Espelette Pepper

The PDO Espelette pepper is about 3 products: the powder, the rope and the fresh chilli.
The specification of the PDO Espelette Pepper sets the rules of production and processing of these 3 products:

With regard to the pepper powder, our main product:
Each batch of powder results in a sampling (performed by an inspection body CERTISUD). The latter will be submitted to a jury of producers, cooks and tasters, who will grade the product according to an evaluation grid (see doc INAO) including visual, olfactory and sensory criteria. Thus, if the product is authorized PDO, it may be marketed as PDO Espelette pepper.

Regarding rope and fresh chilli, products are taken according to sampling throughout the campaign and are subject to a jury that will deliberate on the certification of each. Rope or fresh chili peppers will be sold PDO if they have been approved.

Thus, through a specification of production and strict processing, PDO Espelette Pepper must be produced, processed and packaged in the geographical area limited to 10 towns in the Basque Country (Ainhoa, Espelette, Souraide, Saint Pée, Larressore Cambo les Bains, Itxassou, Ustaritz, Halsou and Jatxou).

The Espelette pepper from the farmer selection is exclusively cultivated in open fields: Specifications excluded systematic phytosanitary treatment, and imposes irrigation rules. Moreover, thanks to this certification, the Espelette pepper has a traceability of the plot to finished product.

Today, the official recognition of our Espelette Pepper guarantee the consumer a unique product with character and exceptional aromatic qualities and mastered traceability.

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